www.aispa.co.in has created a record

I have great news guys…. PAY ATTENTION
I take pride in informing all of you through this forum that your under development site www.aispa.co.in has created a record of sorts. In about 24 hrs since the fist look was uploaded and after my first update, the site has had a whopping over 15,00,000 views yes you read it correct fifteen lack views.
We have had to increase the size from 2GB to 5GB.


Dear Friends as we all know our AISPA website is already been registered , and its on upgrading mode so that in few days it will be fully functional, becoz of curiosity and excitement we all are visiting that webpage number of times in a single day ,the result of this already more then 15 lakhs visits already have been taken place on that page , becoz of this the upgradation process is getting effected so one of the member of AISPA , Aman ji who is looking after this WEBSITE send me message which i am conveying you all , so friends lets the website be full fuctional then we can get more benefit becoz it is our panelist website . So please follow this


Manish Jain (Panelist)

Jai Speakasia