Indian Media is misusing its freedom……….

Today when i gone through the Television news channel about Supreme Court rejected petition …i want to say few points about our indian media….

Today in our India freedom of media was a boon initially but it took only few years to become a bane for us and for the nation. it has misused it’s freedom so much that even well known scholars have questioned it’s credibility and degree of freedom that media should have. Everyday sting operations, showing absurd entertainment programmes, hurting sentiments of people has become face of media in today’s time.

Not only they hurt the sentiments but also destabilize the life of many celebrities by disturbing their privacy. Specially, the electronic media has turned everything on its head with so many news channels doing their own drama work here and there.

There has to be a limit to all this nonsense and ruckus created by the media otherwise that day is not far away when our life would be decided by someone else.

I request my SAOL family members, support confidently to come out with hurdles and to teach a lesson to our indian media .