Speakasian Support Group

Good Evening Friends !!!

I hope everyone is doing well in battling the daily life in our day…As i am going busy for these few days i am not able to attend any calls…Though i make it clear this is the safest platform for communication here itself and i am sure everyone is reliable and trustworthy here…

Now all i can advise or suggest all is to wait for few more days for the communication to arrive from the company…which shall clarify any doubts or question in everyone’s mind…There is no doubts we are inching close to our ultimate goal everyday and soon the wait will be over…

I request all to maintain the peace and decorum here in this group as we are really doing great in this group by not using abusive languages…no personal targetting against anyone…and we all talk logical and serious questions here about our company…which is a great thing…Please co-operate with your support and very soon our days will emerge and each one will be proud of what they achieved in 1 year which is definite sure

Rest for people who are jealous with anyone and are finding ways to express their jealousy here …i request them to kindly EXIT from this page…We comply with strict rules here and anyone found doing anything wrong will get banned here

And i would also request all not to focus on anyone telling you anything either its positive or negative …We need to wait for the next communication letter which will arrive and clarify thing out with all

Your co-operation and understanding is needed to make this family group positive and a SUPPORT PLATFORM FOR ALL !!!

Thanks & Regards
Anslem.Thomas Speakasian Support Group)