19 Jul '12

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Have a faith with SAOL

Dear Speakasians Good Afternoon

We All Are Seeing That Some Of Our Speakasians Friends Are Too Much Negative Against Our Lovely Company SAOL…….& Making Other Speakasians Too Negative…………I Can”t Understand Why These Peoples Are Doing These Types Of Things……SAOL Is Standing with us since May 2011 & Till Today……….

SAOL will update when some positive happens………As such our matter is in Judiciary process.

SAOL is eager to re-start Business in India……same as we are eager for re-start of our Business.

We have 100% faith upon SAOL, Judiciary Process,Our Legal Team, & upon our lawyers, We have Best Team To Fight…………

Dont Worry…………

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There are 7 Comments.

  1. shfk
    1:08 PM July 20, 2012

    hello panelists Aug 8 is not the final verdict !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we have wait still it is in disposal stage it may take a two or more for final verdict this is the Fact

  2. shreedhar
    11:58 AM July 20, 2012

    Plz tell truth SAOL is the date Aug 8th 2012 wil be final or other dates are coming ?

  3. biswajit
    7:52 AM July 20, 2012

    kay re opining hoga

  4. yukesh TN
    3:12 AM July 20, 2012

    Dear SAOL, we have trust on aug 8 hearing which concludes the details to pay for exit and panelists. i request to legal team of speakasia which pls make severe steps to get conclusion on aug 8.. otherwise we r responsible for our downlines to pay money by ourself to them.

    Trust speakasia.. god with us.. keep confident.. we win definitely..

  5. S.R.Shetty
    2:05 AM July 20, 2012

    We have verymuch faith to aispa going on write way, we are fully confident speakasiaonline is restart.

  6. ganeshensk
    8:47 PM July 19, 2012

    we have faith to aispa going on right way sombody write wrong way but we are confident soal

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