19 Jul '12

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SpeakAsia PIL adjourned

This is the coverage by TOI of yesterday’s hearing . TOI published this update in “METRO DIGEST”

SpeakAsia PIL adjourned : The Bombay HC on Wednesday asked A-G Darius Khambata to list other complaints against SpeakAsia and adjourned a petition seeking quashing of the probe to August 3 2012. Source:

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    5:03 PM July 21, 2012

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  3. PATEL
    4:55 PM July 21, 2012

    hi friend

    12:11 PM July 21, 2012

    How far is true, the comments of below speakasian friends? Admin, pls.
    reply. Why not Mr, Ashok ji is writing one or two lines? Please, Ashok
    ji just to understand the present situation.

  5. jay
    11:58 AM July 20, 2012

    pl sir humari upar rehem kro,humlog appko ghagban mantehe,isliye god of justice kehetehai,bhagban ki ghar der hai lekin andheri nehi,ab aur kitni der hoga bhagban,bhut der hochukahai,ab hum justice dijiye.hum jantehe app sehi justice karenge,lekin ye desh kuch bhrastachar log ki wajese humlog bhut muskilmein hai.

  6. vinayak shanbhag
    11:44 AM July 20, 2012

    प्रिय मित्रो..

    पेनेलिस्ट को अद्यतन का बहुत बेसब्री से इंतज़ार रहता है. सब चाहते हैं कि
    किसी भी घटना यां अदालती सुनवाई के बारे में तुरंत जानकारी मिले जिससे कि
    वो अपनी टीम को यह जानकारी दे सकें. ऐसा होना भी चाहिए. परन्तु एक बात की
    सच्चाई भी हमें मालूम होनी चाहिए कि अभी हम पेनेलिस्ट के पास हर अद्यतन का
    स्त्रोत ऐस्पा है. ऐस्पा के माध्यम से आने वाली जानकारी विख्यात कानूनविदों
    से सलाह करके, सारा मामला समझ के आती. जिस कारण कई बार देरी होना संभव है.
    अद्यतन ऐस्पा सचिव श्रीमान अशोक बहिरवानी द्वारा तैयार किया जाता है.
    स्पीक एशियंस से सम्बंधित एक साथ बहुत से कार्यों में व्यस्त होने के कारण
    भी देरी होती है. आप सबसे अनुरोध है कि कृपया सहयोग करें और अत्यधिक अधिरता
    से बचें. बुनियादी जानकारी तुरंत आ जाती है परन्तु विस्तारपूर्वक अद्यतन
    के लिए हम पेनेलिस्ट्स को सदा धैर्य के साथ प्रतीक्षा करनी चाहिए और
    अनुमानों से बचना चाहिए. ऐस्पा ने हमेशा जानकारियाँ दी है, कभी अपने
    कर्तव्यों और दायित्व्यों से मुख नहीं मोड़ा. स्तिथि के अनुसार अपने आप को
    ढाल कर दुखदायी परिस्तिथियाँ बदल देना ही सच्चे सिपाही की निशानी है और हम
    स्पीक एशियंस ऐसा ही करने जा रहे हैं. भले का भला हो, बुरे का जला हो.
    जय सच्चे स्पीक एशियंस.

    अमन आज़ाद

  7. sisir844
    11:13 AM July 20, 2012

    How far is true, the comments of below speakasian friends? Admin, pls. reply. Why not Mr, Ashok ji is writing one or two lines? Please, Ashok ji just to understand the present situation.

  8. dhanush
    7:36 AM July 20, 2012

    dosto last hearing mei saare corrupt officers aaye the….Rajyawardhan singh of EOW
    aur AP ke officers jo ki sab history sheeters hai aur bahut gaale kar chuke hai….yeh sab bus yahi chahte hai ki kisi tarah se company se aur hum speakasians se paisa nikalwaa kar apni pockets bhar saake…but dosto hum in sab corrupt logo ko aur pareshaan nai karne denge….jai speakasia

  9. D.K maleke
    6:43 AM July 20, 2012

    Dosto my dear speakasia frend speakaia ka taja khabaroko ablogoko mobarock speakasia20agust me wibsite problem solved hojage aure 25agust me exit option pament hojayege aure 8september me pura Busesnes RE_start hojayega sinta matkarao bhaiyeo aure Dusura jobabe Decision in Raheja-Wadia case today:ABombay
    HC bench said it would pass orders on Thursday in the battle between
    Nusli Wadia and a K Raheja Constructions firm over 600 acres of Malad
    Sadhvi Pragya refused bail:The Bombay HC on Tuesday
    asked the NIA to provide treatment to blast accused Sadhvi Pragya, who
    reportedly has cancer, but said it was not inclined to grant her bail.
    ‘Eco compliance needed before OC’:The
    HC directed the BMC to ensure compliance of the eco clearance order of
    August 2011 before issuing an OC to a building in Videocon Society,
    No injuries on cop’s body:The autopsy report of
    constable Zambar Gawde (56), whose body was found in a decomposed
    condition behind his workplace, has not mentioned internal or external
    Man who robbed PM’s ex-advisor held:Aman who is
    said to have assaulted and robbed ex-advisor to the PM Harish Khare in
    Delhi last week was nabbed from the Ram Nagar slums in Thane.
    Officials held for graft:The
    anti-corruption bureau on Wednesday booked 12 people, including four
    Cidco officials, for fraud and a BMC sub-engineer was also caught
    accepting a Rs 50,000 bribe.
    MU felicitates Mantralya employees:The
    varsity felicitated seven Mantralaya employees who saved the flag after
    a blaze last month and four MU staffers who helped avert a fire at MU’s
    Teens held: Three teens were arrested for allegedly stealing cooking gas cylinders worth Rs 54,000 from a BMC godown in Govandi.
    Antique lectern missing from church:An antique brass lectern went missing on Sunday from St Thomas Cathedral in Fort.
    107 illegal bakeries: ABMC audit of all city bakeries revealed that 107 of 704 city bakeries are illegal.

  10. D.K maleke
    6:33 AM July 20, 2012

    Good Morning dosto sintha matkaro speakasiaka case pura100%8agust Me final ho jayega case pura100%solved hojayega dosto janna shatha haito apna apna contace number dege ure email deje hume aplogoko pura 100%— jobab dedonga

  11. saraj
    6:24 AM July 20, 2012

    GOOD morning speakasia bhai yeo subha hogayea subutho ure ther hujao aure apna apena kamme lagjao speakasiaka kase pura fines kar bwadena parega aure dustmanose pakrao nangga karao aure sala thicsw pito sala mother sute naven khoslaka rendalogoko

    12:36 AM July 20, 2012


    12:30 AM July 20, 2012

    what is the meaning of final disposal?what is the power & fuction of final disposal?plz reply anybody

  14. Mangesh
    9:34 PM July 19, 2012

    Dear Admin,

    When will business restart ?

    When will Website open ?

    When will payment start ?

    If you have any information regarding this so please inform us.

  15. vinayak shanbhag
    9:13 PM July 19, 2012

    At least tell us what happened yesterday no told clearly what happened yesterday ,,,,,,what did they charge ,,what did they request ,,,,,,,,what the judge ordered we want updates from Ashok Bahirwaniji and not from unreliable sources………

  16. vinayak shanbhag
    9:03 PM July 19, 2012

    Dear Admin I have just 1 Question please answer it ……

    Does the maligning news again and again is going to cause a problem in future hearing dates eventhough the Judge or the GOD of Justice has come to know about the Happenings ……….Please reply whatever you know……….

  17. aftab
    8:46 PM July 19, 2012

    jo sache speakasian h,wo tio ke mateen hafiz k liya badduwa kare?

  18. abhishek yadav
    7:17 PM July 19, 2012

    madarchodon hamari speakasians ki bhawanao ko samjho jo tum logon ne hamari bhawanao se khela hai tab se leke ab tak iski tumse iswar tumse bahoot bhari kimat wasoolega, saale maa ke london ,madarchodon saare politicianon jis jis ka is mein haath hai wo apni karni par kush to bahoot ho rahein hain lekin hum speakasians ki aisi haye lagegi ki saale maiya chudwane par majboor ho jayenge…..

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