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Published on Friday, 3rd August 2012


We got a silver too…!

Vijay Kumar wins Silver Medal in 25 m Rapid fire pistol shooting!!
Congratulations to Vijay Kumar for bringing home an Olympic medal!
India’s second medal, shooting’s second medal.
Jai Hind..

Saina Nehwal lost the semifinal match against World No. 1 China’s Yihan Wang in London.
We are proud of You Saina Nehwal… You played extraordinary…
Never mind the loss..

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  2. Taran
    10:21 AM August 8, 2012

    Please send us our money back. Its too long. Its a request..


  4. roopa
    2:02 PM August 7, 2012

    Again to wait for 2 months???? y u people are just giving date?????? y cant u people arrange for our payments????? y u people r testing our patience???????

  5. pankaj
    10:43 PM August 6, 2012




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  6. Pugazhendhi Pachiappan
    1:27 PM August 6, 2012


  7. natarajan
    8:37 PM August 4, 2012

    why yesterday hearing has been adjourned? still no updates about that,how long we will be waiting? there is also a limit..just pay us back first,we wont worry if u people dont restart also.we just want our money back in august itself..

  8. speakasia
    8:11 PM August 4, 2012

    pay 11000 and get free updates with positive thouts

    • abdus
      2:57 PM August 6, 2012

      company crorpati banne ke liye aati hai ,banane ke liye nahi…samjhe.;;logon ka paisa barbad mat karawo…..ok

  9. pprao
    6:49 PM August 4, 2012

    are you true give a your mesese

  10. pprao
    6:44 PM August 4, 2012

    give to me my mony

  11. Maran
    6:02 PM August 4, 2012

    Closely observe the signature on the letter. Signature is copy and paste in all letter. SAOL not taking print and authorise signature not done for records. They just copy and paste signature.. This shows that real fraud and time delay and make panelist fools…lets see how long Manoj Kumar play the game.. They think they can escape BUT its impossible Mr Manoj

  12. dev mittal
    5:03 PM August 4, 2012

    dear ab mlm ki duniya me pahli baar 1000rs k badle 3500rs 2000 k badle 7000 vo bhi sirf 7 din me for more detail call me 9050623923 DEV MITTAL

    • arab
      6:48 PM August 4, 2012

      again cheated Us?

    • raj malhotra
      10:41 AM August 5, 2012

      tum apni maa bhan ko dhndhe par lagao ge kya teri maa ki teri bahan kuta sala paisa kamane ke liye sikhayega

    • abdus
      2:43 PM August 6, 2012

      abe saale, dev mittal mlm ke naam par tumlog kitno ko barbad karoge

  13. disqus_9rtaFhxiCc
    2:36 PM August 4, 2012

    simply making fool to all panelist

  14. Sach
    2:28 PM August 4, 2012

    sab log upper wali ko chudao aur khush raho

  15. tired of updates
    2:03 PM August 4, 2012

    $CAM $CAM $CAM

  16. arun
    1:33 PM August 4, 2012

    lost friends, relatives, job evry thng

    • sanjiv prasad
      10:30 AM August 5, 2012

      u r right salo saol jhuta hai hamlogo ke emotion se khel raha hai

  17. arun
    1:32 PM August 4, 2012

    plz gv money back………

    • rajesh kumar
      10:36 AM August 5, 2012

      money money kartey hamlogon ka moneyorder bhagwan ke pass ho jayega
      magar hamlogo ki awaz koi nahi sunego na hi mombay high court na hi supreem court or na hi kuta kamina saol

  18. dhananjay mishra
    1:29 PM August 4, 2012

    paublic ko chutiya banana band karo salon chhotto………………..

  19. p.k.mishra
    11:35 AM August 4, 2012

    please dont haras to read wrong masage.soal presenting again dates.please you calculate how much date you spend to watch this.only date nothing money.enjoy it.

  20. saol will definetely come back.
    and history will be made

  21. atul
    11:15 AM August 4, 2012

    yadi forex me koi 5000 se 20000 tak araam se kamana chahta hai to please
    contect me – atulpathak1997@gmail.com isme app mail kar sakten hain
    simplal work hia daily ka 3 hour kaam karna padega bas appko kaam ki
    trening bhi de jayegi bas app mail kariye……………

  22. vijendra
    10:11 AM August 4, 2012

    saol rock

    • balu
      10:46 AM August 4, 2012

      hai any matter is will be done?coming soon ………………… what coming soon?post dates……………………….. ? saol is a rock i agree yes no heart of the saol its rock onces money or restart .any court mater is finish no no no……………..

  23. sisir844
    9:00 AM August 4, 2012

    Nothing to say
    And nothing to write.
    Only to guess
    And only to expect.

  24. dhananjaymishra
    8:49 AM August 4, 2012

    abe tum log ab chutiya banana band karo ……………….

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